Wedding Photography Workshop


  • How to shoot weddings for fun & profit

  • Full day of practical shooting sessions

  • Pre wedding and ceremony 

  • Bride & groom

  • Small groups


The essential wedding photography skills course at one of our locations around Brisbane and the Goldcoast. Capture beautiful, romantic and fun images of the bridal couple. Tips and business advice from professional wedding photographers on the best gear, shooting techniques, portraiture styles, shooting detail, how to quote, creating wedding packages, adding value, post production editing. This wedding digital photography course has been designed to impart a high level of proficiency to the serious amateur and professional photographer wishing to shoot weddings.

Shooting a wedding is a big responsibility. You are solely in charge of capturing a momentous day in peoples lives. You need to be proficient in digital camera handling, be sound technically, be creative and handle the pressure of the day professionally. Wedding photography demands people skills, being able to work under pressure, to handle any scenario, any weather, to be versatile, flexible, adaptable, personable, engaging and well organized. Its about summing up a scenario quickly for the best backdrop, working the light and implementing the nuances of lens perspective, depth of field and exposure options.

The Photography Workshop wedding photography course teaches you the skills set to shoot at a professional level, to capture the flavour, the mood and the magic of the day. The group will be limited to a maximum of 6 people for a highly personalised training experience using models and set props to re-create real life wedding scenarios. We shoot pre-wedding shots covering, the rings, flowers, dress, getting dressed etc, then onto photographing our wedding models.

What you will learn

  • Learn white balance & bracketing, use of ISO

  • Operation of external flash unit / wireless

  • Creative use of depth of field

  • Exposure compensation, exposure bracketing

  • Channels & parameters , colour temperature

  • Flash and night portraits / use of prime lenses

  • Preparing the images including: filing, colour balance, cropping, print output

  • Real life scenarios including bridal party, church and reception

What you should bring

  • A quality DSLR camera (plus a mirror-less or decent compact if you have one)

  • At least two quality lens such as a 24mm-85mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm and a prime 50mm lens

  • Memory Card(s)

  • Any camera accessories - such as a Speedlite flash, tripod, filter, reflector

  • Charged camera battery and a spare and/or charger

Location:  Brisbane / Gold Coast

Class Size: 6

Course Duration : Full Day


Cost:   $590.00