Portraiture Photography Workshops
Portraiture Photography Workshops
Portraiture Photography Workshops
Portraiture Photography Workshops

Portraiture & Studio Lighting Workshop

In this full 7 hour day course, it will take you through how to approach shooting a particular subject in terms of:

  • what equipment you will need

  • how you set up the shot

  • how you get the timing right

  • This workshop teaches you how to create perfectly lit images in a studio environment

  • You will learn key techniques with 1,2,3 and 4 light set ups

  • High key and low key lighting tips

  • Learn how to recreate studio effects in your own home with any light source

  • Light modifiers are a major part of studio lighting, see how the different modifiers create different lighting effects.

  • Softboxes, Umbrellas, Beauty dishes and much more.

  • Explore natural light in a studio environment

  • Posing is a big part of good portraiture, watch how with the smallest adjustment you can turn an average photo into a great photo, it’s all about the detail.

  • You will walk away with the knowledge and skills to recreate stunning portraits. In a variety of environments.

You will be photographing models (and each other) learning how to pose the models with various props to achieve glamorous, elegant images. We use models who are engaging and attractive with a natural affinity to the camera. Learn a range of different styles and photographic techniques.

Learn 'tools of the trade' - what you need to know about camera gear and accessories for high quality, punchy portraiture. We cover how to use your camera gear, all about studio lighting including mixing strobe, tungsten and available light and the golden rules of composition. Practical demonstrations train your eye, to ‘paint’ light onto a subject, how to select the right lens and use of aperture and shutter speed to control the creative process. May involve some nudity so no minors please.

What will you learn

  • How to set up a studio

  • Which equipment is needed

  • How to control flash heads

  • Lighting ratios

  • High key lighting

  • Low key lighting

  • What is a key light

  • How to make a white background

  • How to shoot tethered to a laptop

What you should bring

  • DSLR camera, with charged camera battery and a spare or charger

  • At least one quality multi range zoom lens such as a 24-70mm, 70-200mm etc

  • A prime 50mm, 85mm lens are also excellent portrait lenses ( ask us for advice)

  • Memory Card(s)

  • Any camera accessories - such as a tripod, filters, reflectors (we supply these as well)

Location:  Brisbane 

Class Size: 10

Course Duration : 7 hours


Cost:   $295.00